Mattress Topper – A Affordable Therapy for Back Pain Relief

mattress topper for back pain

Scientifically, it is reported that people over the age of 40 are more risky to get health problem related to joint, muscle and especially back pain. Intensive and hard movement, non-stop of seating without any relaxing or being injured can directly drive back pain. Considering all the relieving factors ranging from functional food, gym, medical exercise and so on, obviously use of proper bedding accessories can be counted.

mattress topper for back painBedding accessories can consist of bed, mattress, throw pillow, cushion, blanket and of course mattress topper in the list. However, in fact, not many people are aware of the benefits that best mattress toppers can bring to anyone’s health, particularly support for back. Actually, it could be heard around of mattress topper, mattress pad or mattress protector and they can even sometimes be interchangeably used as things to cover and soften the mattress however, each of them interpret the difference in their functions.

What is mattress topper?

In general, a mattress topper is similar to the mattress but thinner and designed for the purpose of providing additional comfort and support. Normal mattress topper will be around 2 – 6 inches in thickness which will be placed on top of the mattress.

latex mattress topper
a latex mattress topper

Mattress topper is economical option when your mattress is under normal wear and tear but your budget is limited. Alternatives of mattress toppers can be wool, feather topper, memory foam topper and latex mattress topper. In reality, kind of mattress topper will self-identify it with advantages and disadvantages. Still, in case of use of mattress topper for back pain, some advantages can turn out to be the drawbacks of use while some disadvantages can have positive side effects.

Selection of mattress topper to lower back pain

A good mattress topper will be the one which is able to hold the weight of the body and elastic enough to mold to every of your body movement. Regardless of types and features, mattress topper must be aligned with standard requirements in the first front. Afterwards, you can check the elasticity and capacity to unwind the mattress topper by leaning against it and see how it can respond to all of your movements.

It is noted that online reviews or other’s recommendations should be taken for reference only as experimental try of body contact is more important in judging the quality of the mattress topper for back pain or other kinds of body pain. There should be the compatibility of the mattress topper to your physical and health requirements.

Out of the list, memory foam mattress topper is pretty well-known for back pain relief thanks to its superior in softness and heat retain features. Great selection of the mattress topper for health problem should be performed after checking and understanding of nature and root of back pain problem for safe and effective use.

Features of the memory mattress topper

mattress topper for back pain reliefSoftness: The most notable feature of the memory mattress topper is the softness but to some people it is too soft to support the body as well as to protect the mattress underneath. For some, the softer the mattress topper is, the better it is for their pain problems. On the other hand, the memory foam mattress topper is going to add warmth to the sleepers’ body and back thanks to its heating retain capacity. Therefore, in case sleepers, who are in back pain which need to lie in a hard and supportive surface to stabilize the pain in back, should not think of this type. It will be more suitable for anyone who would like to soften the back feel.

How to use: The use of the memory foam mattress topper is identical to all ordinary mattress topper, i.e. unpacking then placing on top of the mattress. Yet, it should be born in mind that a brand-new memory foam mattress topper can release some frustrating chemical odor which is expected to disappear after some days of use. As a matter of fact, it will be better if you hang over the new one over the air or sun for approximately 40 hours prior to indoor use. Cleaning instruction of the memory foam mattress topper is for dry cleaning regularly 1 – 2 times a year of consecutive use or storage in off season.

Durability: The memory foam mattress topper is pleased by many online users under the issue of how long can it last for use. Few complaints on normal wear and tear or other relevant issues after years of consumption.


In its primary understanding, a mattress topper is an effective and economical way to spruce up the current mattress topper by adding one more layer on top for either protection or softness to users. However, in terms of back pain cure, each kinds of mattress topper will satisfy various demand for different pain problem cases. The memory foam mattress is recommended as the best option thanks to its softness which can help to relieve and lower the pain in back.

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