How Does Mattress Affect Sleep?

How Does Mattress Affect Sleep

Many people ask whether the mattress could ever affect the quality of their sleep and overall health or not. And guess what? The answer is absolutely YES! According to the National Sleep Foundation, they found out that 92% of people claim a comfy mattress to be quite essential to a good sleep.

Still don’t believe it? Here are the top ways that the mattress indeed affects your sleep, and even your health status.How Does Mattress Affect Sleep

3 reasons why good sleep is important

Poor sleep means weight gain 

Without a doubt, getting a poor sleep means that you can’t shed any pound. As claimed, those with short sleep period often weigh much more than anyone who only gets enough sleep.

In reality, having short sleep duration is supposed to be one of the most significant risk factors for obesity. It’s true – in a recent study, kids and adults with short sleep time were found to be more prone to being obese. So it means you can lose weight just by getting decent sleep.

 Good sleep means eating fewer calories

As shown in every study, sleep deprivation in each individual leads to a remarkable appetite, so we tend to consume more calories than usual. Besides, lacking sleep also damages the fluctuations every day in your appetite hormones.

In detail, when you don’t sleep enough, then it releases the higher levels of ghrelin, which is indeed a hormone that can stimulate your appetite. And then it decreases the levels of your leptin – a hormone that will suppress your appetite.

Poor sleep means depression

mattress affect sleepSome mental health problems, like depression, for instance, is often associated with poor sleep and other sleep disorders. Also, it has been stated that around 90% of those who suffer depression complain a lot about their sleep quality. Worse than that, having poor sleep is also linked to the enhanced risk of death by suicide.

How does mattress affect sleep?

You should know that anyone who suffer higher stress levels only when they’re utilizing the old mattress. Sure enough, any brand new mattress can help decrease your stress levels. It’s highly advised that you must replace the mattress with a newer one if it exceeds 8 years.

Aside from that, those who sleep on the ultra-plush mattress won’t have a good posture. How come? It will create a weird bend in the lower back, so it’s not good at all! Therefore, try to test your new mattress before purchasing it, and ensure it to provide you with the proper spine and neck alignment.

Last but not least, the springs from your mattress won’t work properly when you hear them making creaking sounds. This happens when you try to toss and turn. Such springs will disable your mattress, so it can’t give enough support to your neck or back at all.

Why do you need a good mattress?

how mattress affect sleep
good mattress helps us sleep better

How to find the right mattress? It needs to be comfy while being firm at the same time to offer you great postural alignment. As for the length, the mattress must be 15 cm longer than the tallest one who uses the bed. What does it mean?

It means that you’re recommended to try the new mattress in the store. Make sure that both of you and your partner are satisfied with the product in term of comfort and support. However, beware since it’s a bit troublesome for a few couples who differ a lot in weight.

In that case, there are still some mattress models which arrive with various comfort layers per side of the bed. They can support the whole body and maintain the spine neutrally to avoid neck and back pain.


Workout, good diet, and sleep are the three most important elements that create your healthy life. And getting a good mattress also means it! After reading this article, I hope that you’ve already got the answer to your question “how does mattress affect sleep?” So for better support, don’t hesitate to invest in a more decent bed with modern technologies.

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