Some Nice Facts about Sleep

If you got trouble with sleep, you are always wide awake at night and feel tired in daytime; your situation is similar to 70 millions of American. Before you decide to invest a new bed, you need to know about some pieces of advice follow.

What is the cause of sleeplessness?

Actually, if you sleep less than 6 hours per night, you belong to an unusual group. The genetic mutation makes people sleep less than others about 20 to 25 percent, but the scientists estimated that only below 1 percent of people get this situation on the world.

Some advice for better sleep

David Schulman, a specialist of Emory University indicated that there are two signs can show you are people who have a short sleep. You always wake up without alarming of o’clock every day. But almost people need to sleep about 7 to 8 hours to keep health.

Feel tired due to take a nap, is that right?

Professor Kimberly A. Cote of Brock University showed that some people think that nappingmake them feel asleep. However, a short time about 20 minutes will help you wide awake, healthier and improve working capacity.

The facts

During sleep, the brain transmits many different waves and they correspond to your deep sleep. After 20 minutes, the brain can transmit low waves, this is the deepest period of sleep. If you take a too long nap, you may feel unorderly and lose direction instead of feeling wide awake due to snapping may contains many low waves. You should take a short nap to not prevent your night sleep. From 1 pm to 4 pm is the best time for snapping.

Do exercise too close to bedtime makes you difficult to sleep.

Reality: That is not true for everyone. In fact, the research showed that even vigorous exercise before bedtime cannot cause sleeplessness for many people (in some cases, it may help you sleep better). This is good news if you are too busy and only have a short time for a lot of activities. Even people who have trouble sleeping, the exercise about an hour before bedtime does not affect. But we do not have clear data, so everyone really have to do your own testing – Dr. Michael Perlis, Chairman of the insomnia treatment program of the University of Pennsylvania said.

Tips for you: Try it yourself. If you exercise at night and suspect that it is the cause of your sleeplessness, please reschedule an earlier episode in a few days to see if you can sleep better. You can write a sleep diary for those days. If you think you sleep better when you exercise, let’s exercise regularly.

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Dozing in a meeting

The fact: If you feel a lack of energy in the afternoon, it is normal due to the natural circadian rhythms of your body. If your eyelids feel heavy, you are too tired, Dr. William C. Dement, the scientists Stanford University is known as the father of the sleep medicine said. In fact, if you feel tired all the time during the day, you are probably lack of sleep. If you need 8 hours each night, but you only slept 7 hours in a week, it means that you have lost 8 hours equivalent of a night’s sleep. After losing time equivalent sleep a night during the week, your body will react as if you have lost sleep in many days: You can feel extremely tired; itching, burning eyes; changing mood; inability to concentrate; and feeling hungry in order to find a new energy. Lack of sleep is related to many healthy problems such as severe chronic hypertension and diabetes.

Tips for you: The problem of chronic stress, sleep with a snoring, pet harassment will require specific solutions, (visit a doctor, private sleeping, etc). But if you do not know how much sleep is enough, you have to adjust your bedtime.

You should go to bed earlier if you have insomnia

Reality: Get out of bed, if you have insomnia really, this can make the situation worse. When you have insomnia, experts recommend to your sleep adjust itself naturally, without trying to compensate with different bedtimes and naps during the day.

Tips for you: Go to bed later than an hour (to make yourself more tired). If you feel anxious because it was difficult to sleep, you should get up and leave the bedroom. Try reading a book or doing some other activity. The other tips that can help bring natural sleep you are soaking in a warm bath before bed. This will help the muscles relax, reduces the heat of your body. You will sleep better when your body temperature drops. You should also exercise a day. The research also showed that exercising about 30 to 45 minutes a day will help sleep deeper and longer.

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