About us

As with most inventions, the genesis of the EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station was born out of necessity. With the proliferation of cell phones among our family members, the kitchen counter was being overrun with cords and chargers. The necessity was being able to eliminate the mess and find some counter space.

Initial designs of charging stations used racks and power cords, much like many devices on the market today. However we quickly dismissed these designs, because they still took up counter space and the power cord was still visible from the rack to the plug. A tad neater than before, but it didn’t eliminate the clutter.

Sometimes simplicity is the best answer. With the design of the EZ Mount wall plate, a solution was found to get all cords off the counter while providing a consistent location to charge your phone and store your cell phone charger. No longer do you have to unplug and store your charger. Additional benefits include being able to find your phone, having a fully charged phone, and keeping the phone away from spills. The handy key hook is an added bonus. No more frantic running around the house to find your keys.

Now everyone in your family can have their personal charging station using the charger that comes with the phone. Let the kids keep one in their bedrooms! It’s a great feeling to be more organized.

Enjoy your extra counter space!

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